Vicar's Letter - March 2015


Vicars Letter - March 2015

Mothering Sunday falls on the 15th March this year. Flowers and cards will be given and mothers taken out to dinner. But what are its real origins and why should it be called Mothering Sunday and not just "Mothers Day" as all the secular business would have it. 

There are traditions associated with Mothering Sunday in England which date back as long ago as the 16th century. It is told that this was the day when people were encouraged to return to worship in their 'mother church where they had been baptised. People who usually attended the local parish church, would make a longer journey to the 'mother church' or cathedral of the Diocese. Girls in domestic service would bake to show their mothers their new skills in the form of a gift, traditionally a simnel cake. On this day many girls who were in service were allowed time off from domestic chores to visit their mothers and their family. 

Today Mothering Sunday is a popular day when Christians choose to use the occasion to think about all things which concern motherhood. We give thanks for the Church as Mother, the Virgin Mary as the mother of Jesus, we remember that God cares for us like a mother, and last but not least we give thanks for our own mothers. 
Mothering Sunday always lands on the fourth Sunday in Lent and it is a time of special for thanksgiving. Sunday is the one day of joy in Lent, when flowers are allowed back into church and when people are allowed a time off from the penitential season. 

So it is very much a Christian festival, but it is also a good time to affirm motherhood. To value the task of bringing up children, because there is often a tendency to take mothers and mothering for granted in our modern times. 

So let's allow Mothering Sunday to encourage us to think about what mothering means and how we can help those who bear the burdens and challenges of this demanding but rewarding task. 

May God inspire all parents and grandparents, teachers and carers who nurture our children. May we all by our Christian conduct provide good examples which may lead them to follow Christ. 

Yours in Christ 


This extract is taken from the March 2015 Cluster Magazine.
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